Onboarding Form

Just a few questions to get started.

Do you want anyone to sign off on the conversations? (Example: Employees signing off on the feedback following the 4×2 Conversation).

Download the User List Template as an Excel sheet, input your employees, and upload!

  • What do you want to call your form? e.g. 4x2 Conversation; Quarterly Check-In; 2018 Department Review
  • Form Questions* What would you like to ask in your review/conversation/etc.?
  • When do you want your employees to get this form?
  • When do you want your employees to submit their form?
  • Who do you want to approve the reviews?
  • Would you like to discuss Goals during your process?*
  • Your User List* Please attach your employee file. This is what we will upload to ReviewCloud.

If you haven’t had a How-to Webinar yet and would like one, email us at info@reviewcloud.co.

Great Service.

Focus on high-quality feedback instead of managing a process.

Simple Software.

Automate employee reviews, conversations, and one-on-ones.

Huge ROI.

Save hundreds of hours.

Our Mission

Make performance engaging.

At ReviewCloud, we simplify performance management processes so we can focus on the quality of feedback. “Making it easy” means we combine software, service and content to reduce costs and improve engagement. We enhance communication. We promote employee performance.