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Innovation starts with employees at the front line.


Are you a growing company? How is your market changing? Are your processes and procedures keeping up with the rate of change all around you? Your employees know best what changes, modifications and innovations will lead to the greatest success. Create a culture of innovation through structured employee conversations.

Employee Descriptors:

“An employee who encourages innovation will…”

  • Push themselves to improve.
  • Encourage others to go the extra mile.
  • Deliver consistent results while looking for ways to improve products, services and procedures.
  • Make suggestions, even argue for their point of view.
  • Seek to solve problems in creative ways.
  • Remain comfortable in the face of change.
  • Maintain optimism for the future.
  • Keep an achiever, or “can-do”, attitude.
  • Learn lots of information quickly.
  • Master processes and procedures as a foundation for improvement.
  • Suggest changes to the status quo.
  • Apply technical solutions to small parts of complex issues and obstacles.
  • Express interest in learning new things.
  • Seek out and volunteer for challenging assignments.
  • Capitalize on failures and prolonged challenges as learning opportunities.
  • Display ownership for their work.
  • Know when and of whom to ask for help.
  • Listen to wide ranges of opinions and experience before expressing his/her own.
  • Rarely be satisfied with “the way things are”.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How to you identify areas where innovation is warranted?
  2. What does “good enough” mean to you? What are some things we can do better?
  3. What are some way you get people to support your ideas?
  4. What are some ways you promote innovation among those with whom you work?
  5. What are some of “tomorrow’s problems” you foresee on the horizon, and what suggestions do you have for solving them?
  6. If you were CEO for one day, what are three things would you do to enable our growth?

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