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You company culture is everything. And like everything else, it’s needs active management.


Company culture is the sum total of your employees’ communication and behaviors. It is the net effect of what your teams create and simultaneously reflect. In essence, we all send, receive and re-transmit cultural cues to one another in various contexts within our organization. Send, receive and re-transmit.

Achieve the best results requires a great culture. Managing performance isn’t enough. You have to manage goals and objectives in the context of your broader culture to achieve the maximum positive effect. As leaders, we have to realize that our people are talking. In their meetings. Project managers respond to customers. Human resources drafts job descriptions. Front-liners post to social media.

If you aren’t actively managing your culture, you’re missing a huge opportunity to boost the bottom-line. It’s not about control. It’s about giving them the language to effectively promote the culture you want to create.

Company culture. Understand your cues.

But how? Where do you begin? If you haven’t studied organizational culture, it can seem like a daunting task. But, it’s not as hard as you think. You just need a place to start. This downloadable checklist provides a great short-cut.

Consider the various elements of your “psychological organization”. Think about teamwork, meetings, communication, recognition and how it all intertwines into the fabric we refer to as organizational culture. This list was validated through years of research. Each parameter it describes is one tier that comprises an organization’s culture.

While it’s true that cultures are a bit more complicated that what might fit on a single page, you will find this a helpful guide to completely understanding your culture – perhaps for the very first time. will get you going.

Knowing what culture cues exists will help you , managers, employees and leadership to understand how they influence culture in different contexts. Download it today. It will help you to engage your employees. Check it out!

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