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Core Training Types.

We offer Feedback Basics, Org Culture 101, Goal Workshops, and more.


We schedule and launch. Receive stand-alone feedback training or bundle with software. We offer webinars or let us come to you onsite.


Completely customizable for creative and insightful feedback. Our software is central to overall feedback strategy.

Little or no feedback results in 4 out of 10 disengaged employees.
  • Managers often don’t know how to give useful feedback.
  • Employees don’t know how to take criticism and grow from it.
  • Leaders can use effective feedback strategies to shape the organizational culture they want.
Engage your employees with effective feedback strategies.

Process isn’t enough.

Learn feedback skills.

Engage your culture.

Software + Service = Happy Clients

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Only 58% of managers think they give enough feedback.
Only 19% of employees think they’re right.

15 minutes to feedback.

  • Where are you today?

Our Mission

Make performance engaging.

At ReviewCloud, we simplify performance management processes so we can focus on the quality of feedback.

“Making it easy” means we combine software, service and content to reduce costs and improve engagement.

We enhance communication. We promote employee performance.