How do I fire someone I never should have hired in the first place?

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How do I fire someone I never should have hired in the first place?

Quickly. Hiring and firing are among the two most important decisions leaders make. The ramifications of good and bad decisions here can be significantly enriching or catastrophically devastating.

But one thing is true. The longer you allow the wrong people in your workplace, the more corrosive it becomes to your culture.

You’ve determined someone “doesn’t fit”. So, you must have a basis for that conclusion. It it personal? Is it a gut feeling? Or, have you formalized a set of criteria?

You might have a sense of what your culture is, but perhaps not one precise enough to help you hire the right people in the first place. Here’s my advice:

  • First, be blunt. It’s better for both of you to end the relationship as soon as possible. Why waste each other’s time?
  • Second, review your hiring procedures. Get more strategic about the kind of person you hire. Share the elements of culture you want to build with your team and hire for fit every time.
  • Explain your reasoning. Make sure the rest of the team knows why. Be kind but complete in your description. Apologize for the lapse in judgement on your part that resulted in their having to endure a misfit coworker.

Nothing has the potential to damage a culture faster than turnover – whether the wrong person is hired or a person is terminated for reasons not based in performance.

So, how do I fire someone I never should brought the door? You stop it before it starts with a frank analysis of your culture. Know where it is today and where you want it to go and you and all your coworkers will be much better for it.

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