75 Reasons to Innovate Performance Management.

The Modern Approach to Feedback.

Free flowing feedback. It drives employee performance, workplace culture and business outcomes. It’s way more effective than the dreaded annual appraisal with less effort and less cost. We studied the common excuses made by over 1000 HR pros for keeping expensive and disengaging processes and identified solutions for every last one of them. They found that reinventing and replacing performance reviews with continuous employee feedback was so easy they should’ve done it years ago.

Download the Whitepaper: 75 Reasons to Innovate Performance Management. Why you haven't and crazy not to.

You must be crazy!

Old-time annual appraisals are mid-nineteenth century antiques. You want to drive a high performance culture, but you’re driving in circles in a Model-T.
See why professionals like you felt stuck with the status quo and how they efficiently reinvented performance management with high-quality employee feedback.

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Poor performance is no joke.

It’s 2017. It’s time to stop kidding yourself. People dread their once-a-year performance appraisal. How could it possibly promote a productive and engaging workplace culture?
Continuous and flexible employee feedback is the wave of the future. The time is now.

Be a Hero.

Leaders, managers, and employees need your help. See why so many companies have decided to innovate performance management processes to leverage employee feedback.
Learn how you can too – at a fraction of the cost and effort you’re wasting on broken and inefficient communication processes.

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