Why Do New Hires Need Third-Party Feedback?

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March 15, 2018

All employees want better feedback, especially new hires. They want recognition for their hard work and recommendations for improvement. Nearly 70% of employees said they would work harder if their efforts were recognized. But, how do new hires get “better” feedback? Just like your employee engagement surveys, let the experts handle it. Your HR team has enough on their plate. Keep it all confidential and ensures new hires feel comfortable sharing their true opinions. People may be timid in their new roles, but confidential feedback gives them a voice.

No Bias Here

Let’s be real, it’s difficult to look at feedback objectively. A third-party guarantees everyone’s opinions are viewed equally. Accuracy increases too. New hires are more truthful since they don’t have to worry about offending anyone. Untruthful feedback doesn’t help anyone anyway.

Let Experts Handle It

A lot of internal HR teams only know what’s happening on the surface around the office. HR may not have the chance to get know every employee. Third-parties avoid any office drama. A third-party has experience in all types of situations at many companies. It’s their sole job after all, unlike your HR team. Your team is busy working on day-to-day activities and projects they already have expertise in. Third-parties identify trends in new hire feedback and give recommendations. Consultants look at feedback as a whole to gain insights. Performance is not the product of individual effort. But rather it’s the outcome of teamwork.

Top Secret

One of HR’s most important responsibilities is maintaining confidentiality and trust. Employees depend on confidentiality from HR. Workers safely share concerns about leadership, management and coworkers. But, we know someone is looking at the raw feedback. That’s where a third party comes in. Don’t let your new hires worry about being disciplined for giving their honest opinion. You may have shy new hires who are too nervous to speak up. Help new hires feel more confident about their thoughts with complete confidentiality.

The Bottom Line

What are you waiting for? Take the first step to better new hire feedback. You and your company only benefit from feedback if it’s conducted in the right way. Third-parties get rid of bias and give impartial recommendations. Give your HR team a break and let them do what they’re good at. Third parties help new hires give their honest feedback. In the end, it’s all about business and how to make it better.

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