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March 22, 2018

An effective onboarding program can increase new hires’ performance by 11%. So why do 43% of organizations not have a formal process? We can’t answer that. But, given the evidence, it’s pretty obvious why they need to implement one.

Organizations without formal onboarding miss out on engaging their employees, welcoming them into the company culture, setting the standard the for performance, and more. New hires don’t know what to do first without a little guidance. Plus, effective onboarding boosts retention and performance. New hires who completed a formal onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years.

So, what can you do to build an effective onboarding program for your organization?

Set Expectations

If your new hire is bored within their first few days, something has gone terribly wrong. Bored is the opposite feeling they should have in their new role. Plan a variety of meaningful tasks for new hires to get started on the day he or she arrives. First days are not solely meant for reading policies and shadowing others. Make new hires feel important from the beginning. This will continuously boost performance down the line.


Take advantage of available technology. There’s no need for a paper-based onboarding system anymore. An automated, online portal cuts down time without cutting down trees. This leaves more time and energy for the exciting parts of onboarding. Learn the ropes, meet your coworkers, figure out the coffee maker, go forth and conquer.

Culture Shock

Onboarding programs that intentionally fuse culture and job expectations help new hires feel welcome. Positive culture companies experience less absenteeism, lower turnover, and higher revenues. Companies with happy employees outperform competitors by 20%. Culture-first onboarding programs can include a buddy system, office lunches, or simply giving new hires a smile. According to Bamboo HR, 17% of new hires felt “a friendly smile or helpful co-worker made all the difference.”

Goals and Feedback

Set the standard for effective communication early. Ongoing feedback and goal setting motivates new hires as well as seasoned employees. Helpful feedback allows new hires to continually grow and develop within their position. Engagement and performance go hand-in-hand with recognition. Effective onboarding programs introduce your feedback system as well. This makes it more approachable, and more fruitful later on.

Effective Onboarding Takeaways

Establish what you expect from new hires from the beginning. Important work from day one will motivate new hires in his or her new role. Don’t forget about the technology that makes onboarding smoother. Time saved on paperwork can go towards engaging new hires in your culture. The benefits of a culture-first program are substantial. It’s what makes an effective onboarding system overall. What’s great is that they can start with just a smile. Implement these tactics to welcome new hires and boost performance from day one.

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