Personalized Onboarding Can Transform Your New Hire Experience

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May 3, 2018

It’s your new hire’s first day. She’s excited for new opportunities. She walks into the office to see her shiny name plate already at her desk. It’s right next to a 4-inch, no-doubt-used-before onboarding binder…

Let’s review. A person’s name is his or her favorite word. So, the name plate is a great touch. Write down your new hires’ name and say it out loud every chance you get. But, don’t leave a new hire to read a dingy, old binder on his or her first day. New hires are energized. Don’t bog them down with tedious reading. Harness new hires’ energy and make the most of it through personalized onboarding.

Just for You

Give new hires all the success materials they need while adding in personalized onboarding where you can. For example, many roles use the same programs. However, different roles utilize those programs differently. Show them! A simple “You will use this to…” and explanation of important features for him or her goes a long way. Personalized onboarding pays off sooner rather than later. Continuous onboarding programs help new hires reach full proficiency 34% faster than those in shorter programs.

It’s All Relative

Do they really need to know this right here right now? Probably not. It’s better to wait when information is applicable. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare new hires. But, maybe don’t push every program on new hires on their first day. Plus, they won’t remember in a few days when they actually need it anyway.

Learn to Learn

Do you know how you learn? Different learning styles understand information differently: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. Personalized onboarding should listen to new hire learning needs. Knowledge retention boosts effective onboarding and performance. Have a variety of ways to learn the content. If new hires are unsure which style fits them, take this quiz! Check out the chart below for the best way to cater to each style.

What’s Your 20?

Information is different at the headquarters versus a smaller branch. Are you a specialized location? Call centers and sales center also have their own needs. Is your new hire new to the area? Give them a guide to their new home! A list of local coffee shops to reliable mechanics will help them feel more welcome. A small gesture like this makes a big impact at a new job.

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