Employee Performance Management.

Improve performance management with everyone in one place.

Frequent Feedback.
Simplify performance management with frequent feedback. Your employees deserve recognition as well as ways to improve. Our process helps managers, employees, and human resources.
Simple Software.
Anyone can schedule a conversation at anytime. We automatically send reminders to keep everyone on track. It’s a simple but effective way to track and manage feedback plus develop talent.
We’re here for you 9x5x5. That’s 9-5, 5 days a week. Call, email, tweet, smoke signal. We’re here when you need us. Contact us here!

15 Minutes to Feedback

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Go Paperless.

Everything you need for reviews is in the cloud. Save time and trees!

Fully Mobile.

On the go? Use your tablet or smartphone to give feedback at anytime.

More than Reviews.

Set goals for individuals or teams and track progress. Plus, goals can be integrated into reviews!

Our Mission

Make performance engaging.

At ReviewCloud, we simplify performance management processes so we can focus on the quality of feedback. “Making it easy” means we combine software, service and content to reduce costs and improve engagement. We enhance communication. We promote employee performance.