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This woman is looking for better performance reviews.

Better Performance Reviews start with you!

Better performance reviews are not just more data. They're better communication.
When I say performance management, you think performance reviews.

And that’s a shame.

Performance reviews suck. You hate them. Your employees and managers do too. There’s no more disengaging human resources process under the sun. Yet, you probably just wrapped up 2016’s review cycle.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen a sad winner? The answer is no, unless you count tears of joy. Performance makes people happy. High performance means end-zone dancing, high fives and fist bumps.

Does that describe your performance review process? What if it could?

Start with the Basics to get Better Performance Reviews

1. What is the purpose of performance management?

Many people have suggested a variety of purposes. They range between enforcing accountability, identifying business needs and developing employee talent.

In the end, I think we can agree that their primary purpose is to promote employee performance. Ask yourself, would better employee reviews help you deliver on that objective?

2. Why do we want to promote employee performance

I hope this is obvious.

We do “performance management” because the upside is so high. There’s so much promise. Unleash innovation. Raise efficiency. Reduce turnover. Engage your workforce. Get paid! It certainly beats the alternative.

3. How does performance management get done?

Through structured communication about goals and expectations. It flows from leadership through managers to employees. We engage communication to engage employee performance.

4. So, what’s the problem? Why do we need better performance reviews?

This one’s simple. WE JUST PLAIN SUCK AT IT. It turns out that it’s way easier to review performance than it is to use communication strategies to improve performance.

5. So, how do we improve?

More communication. Not less. Quarterly conversations. Not just annual performance reviews. Better performance reviews. Better questions. Better answers. Better Diagnostics. Better follow-up.

More frequent, honest, timely, relevant communication – as often as possible – is the way of the future and the path to employee engagement.

6. What’s stopping us?

One reason we have failed to innovate performance management – for decades – is precisely because it’s hard.
It’s hard to organize all those voices, all those perceptions in away that becomes a useful for talent management. There ‘s a ton of excuses that human resources professionals have made for years.

With software support in every part of our lives, real-time feedback is already a reality. It’s time to use it to engage employees fully in a culture rich with feedback. Better performance reviews is just the tip of the iceberg.

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