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Product features that will wow and amaze.

ReviewCloud’s amazingly simple Product Features provide the simplest way to engage employees and promote performance in the workplace! Instead of working with stacks of paper try our paperless route. Particularly, what features we’ve been developing. Such as implementing skills tests, maintaining complete employee records, and customizable software. Ultimately a more accurate way of reviewing performance.

Product Features. Amazingly Complete. Wondrously  Simple.

We onboard you in hours. Not weeks. Better results all around.

Typical performance management processes make you do a ton of work. Your HR staff is lean. Heavy processes kill the benefit of managing performance in the first place. And it’s expensive.

ReviewCloud relieves the burden of clunky software and out-dated processes. It replaces them with a simple-to-use yet robust performance promotion solution.

  • Total automation. No more “chasing” managers or employees to get their reviews done. Automatic email notifications and past-due reminders get sent to managers and employees to ensure timely completion of reviews, conversations and goal-updates. They get a mail, they click in and 5 minutes later they’re done.
  • Simple onboarding. You send an employee datafile and we do the rest. We even support integration with major HRIS systems. But stand-alone systems are easier for everybody.
  • Absolutely mobile. Making performance management easy for managers promotes employee performance. Make it easy! Managers have their employee’s talent record at their fingertips – whether in the office or out to lunch. Don’t crush their enthusiasm. Give them easy and they will reward you greatly.
  • Completely flexible. Like your review form or structured conversation? No problem. We load it for you. Just select it from the drop down and you’re off. Want some fresh ideas? Try one of our evaluations. Our staff has over 25 years of human resources consulting expertise.
  • Targeted application. Why use a generic form for all your employees? People are different. Focus on the strengths of different job-types, age groups, divisions and departments. Make new forms on the fly. Launch pulse surveys at will.
  • Unlimited talent management events. Performance reviews, essential conversations (one-on-ones and one-with-manys), 360 feedback, skills tests, employee engagement and culture surveys, goal development, progress tracking, and recognition. All in the same tool, seamlessly organized at one low price!
Description Included
Performance Reviews check_mark-min
Structured Manager/Employee Conversations check_mark-min
Goal Development check_mark-min
Succession Planning check_mark-min
Competency / Job Description management check_mark-min
Employee Survey check_mark-min
One-click reporting dashboard check_mark-min
Employee file storage check_mark-min
Unlimited Employees check_mark-min
No set-up Fee check_mark-min
Helpdesk 9 to 5 x 5 check_mark-min
Dedicated Project Manager check_mark-min
No price increases check_mark-min
No contracts. check_mark-min
No contracts. check_mark-min
New features at no cost. check_mark-min

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